Wednesday, July 27, 2011

September Tour!

Photo by Chloe.

We're going on tour for the entire month of September! We will have our 7", a cd and a tape of new stuff. Hell yeah! The dates are below and it will be updated as we have more info.

tues aug 30 - The Knockout, San Francisco-w/HOMEOWNERS and PINE AWAY
sat sept 3 San Diego at Eleven (Awesome Fest) with GEG, HOMEOWNERS and THE BANANAS
sun sept 4 Tuscon, AZ at Dry River, with FASTER THAN LIGHT, more
Mon sept 5 - Getting crazy with The Thing
Tues sept 6 Las Cruces,NM - at The Trainyard with M.O.T.O. STYMIE, MUHAMADALI and SHANG-A-LANG
Wed sept 7 Austin ,TX - at Beerland w/TBA
Thurs sept 8 Jackson, MS???
Friday sept 9 Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo's North w/DARK RIDES and VERY VERY SNEAKY
Sat sept 10 Athens, GA - @ Flicker Bar w/ DARK RIDES, DEAD DOG and GNARX
Sun sept 11 Asheville, NC- early show at the Get Down -7pm w/CHEVEAU (France), THE DISPERSANTS and THE ONE TIMERS
Mon sept 12 off to camp
Tues sept 13 Silver springs, MD @ corpse fortress!!!!
wed sept 14 Long Island, NY @ Mr Beery's in East Rockaway w/SHELLSHAG, CROW BAIT, DEEP POCKETS and PRETTY BULLSHIT.
thurs sept 15 Worcester, MA @ Forbes St w/ JACOB THE TERRIBLE, possibly BONEZONE and more TBA
friday sept 16 Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY @ Manifesta Loft w/AGATHA , NUDE BEACH and CLINICAL TRIALS. 8pm!!!
sat sept 17 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Shop with CROSS STITCHED EYES
sun sept 18 Columbus, OH at villa villekula with Dirty Mouth and Life Mess. 9pm
mon sept 19 Chicago, IL - at Strangelight w/THIS IS MY FIST, RVIVR and HERZOG
tues sept 20 Minneapolis, MN in the Seward neighborhood outdoors. Ask a punk. w/ BLOODWALL and one of Mike Wilson's bands.
wed sept 21 drive/ camp
Thurs Sept 22 drive/ camp
friday Sept 23rd Seattle, WA- at FBK w/CRIMINAL CODE, COLONIX
sat, Sept 24th Vancouver, BC w/ UNFUN and SIREN SONGS at Georgia St.
Sun, Sept 25th - Portland, OR TBA
Mon -home.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Record!

The new Dirty Marquee 7" is now available from Squirmy Records. It is $4.50 ppd (M.O. or concealed cash) to Vince at 870 W. Euclid Ave., Stockton, CA 95204. If you have any
questions regarding international orders, trades, paypal ordering, or if you want to distro the record, please write to Thanks a ton!

Here's a review from Razorcake!
Self-titled: 7"EP
Warmth. Melodic, moldering glows. Nothing too fast. Nothing too loud. Constrained, but jumpy and really catchy. That’s tough stuff to pull off because it runs along the ridge of slipping down the steep cliffs of boredom, corniness, or cliché. Pulling the string from Superchunk’s long legacy, echoing the ache and drive of The Carrie Nations’ Be Still, and reminiscent of the sweat-cooling, mellower parts of Sexy, this is another example of DIY punk not necessarily sounding “punk” to the outside listener. And that’s totally an advantage here because Dirty Marquee can both run under the radar and totally soar without a lot of tight-ass, honky pigeonhole constraints. Excellent all around. –Todd Taylor (Squirmy)

Monday, January 3, 2011

some videos

Here's some videos of us playing at the Knockout. Thanx Terry Mohre!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some new news/ upcoming shows

Our long-awaited (at least by us) debut four-song 7" is currently at the pressing plant and the cover is at the printer. It is being released by Squirmy Records and will hopefully be available ASAP.

We are playing some shows in January:
The first one will be on January 12th at the Knockout in SF with:
TENEMENT (on tour from WI)
HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE (from oaklandia)
It will probably start around 9 pm or so and cost about 5 bucks.

The other one is on January 21st at 7pm at Casa Sandinista
3120 Martin Luther King Jr Way

The bands will be:

After that, we will not be playing any more Bay Area shows until summertime because Greg ie leaving the city for a few months.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Upcoming show on Oct 23rd!

We are playing a rad show on Saturday, October 23rd (National Mole Day). It's going to be just south of WEED, CA at the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture. Info for it is here:

The other bands on the show are:
PIERCED ARROWS! (Legendary rockers. ex-Dead Moon)

HOMEOWNERS! (from the bay area! tight homies!)

IVY, ERICK, and GREG (3/4's of Allergic To Bullshit and Black Rainbow)

If you are planning on attending, PLEASE contact the people at Black Butte through their website. They want to be sure that they can accommodate all who show up.Thanks!

Friday, September 3, 2010


super rad last minute generator show!
MONDAY SEPTEMBER 6th. 5pm. TIRE BEACH (end of 24th St. in SF)


RVIVR (oly punxxx!!)


and more!!!

"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country." I CALL BULLSHIT.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


marilyn moved to brooklyn... so we have a new bass player::: Jeanette Ramirez (of dead poon, miss cloud and homeowners fame). we will be playing some shows in august and have lotsa new jams

also.... We have a 7" coming out on Squirmy Records fall 2010!!!

Keep yr eyes peeled.